TelePurse - The Compact Smartphone Purse that Can Hold Your Cell Phone, Wallet and other Essentials

Women rarely go out of the house for any reason without taking a handbag or a purse, but most of the time these handbags can be bulky heavy, and it can be hard for them to look for whatever is needed inside their purse or handbag whenever they are on the go. If you are looking for a more compact and practical bag that can hold your essentials then the TelePurse™ is what you need. It is an amazing small smartphone purse that can hold a lot more items than you think it could. Central to the design of the Tele Purse is the sizable outer pocket. This compartment is stretchable and has an adjustable Velcro top that allows you to fit a majority of smartphones in the market today, even the larger ones. Its convenient placement allows you to easily reach for your cell phone to answer a call without having to go through all the contents of your bag. As seen on, the TelePurse's main pocket has many subdivisions that allow you to store a lot of items like your credit cards, small wallet, cash, coins and other essentials with ease. The TelePurse can be used as a wristlet, or you can use the adjustable long strap to sling it over your shoulders if you wish.

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