The Cold Shoulder Ice Vest - This Product Can Help You Lose Weight by Staying Cool

Studies show that being exposed to cold temperatures can actually help the body lose weight. This is the principle that is behind The Cold Shoulder Ice Vest™. As the product’s name implies, this is a vest that make your body feel cold. This will in turn cause the body to use its calorie stores and burn them in order to maintain a healthy body temperature. This results in improved fat burning, which will then lead to weight loss. As seen on, the ColdShoulder IceVest features CryoMAX Technology cold packs which you chill as instructed. What’s great about these packs is that they do not freeze underlying tissue. Instead, CryoMAX packs absorb body heat from the skin without getting in the way of the body’s natural mechanisms. What’s great about The Cold Shoulder Ice Vest is that you do not need to do anything special to make it work. All you need to do is to chill the packs, insert them into the vest and then wear the product for as long as you want. Wearing this vest during your down time, along with proper exercise and a healthy diet, can really help you lose a significant amount of weight, allowing you to get more fit and achieve a better state of health as well.

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