The Firm Wave - Balance Board Workout System Uses a Natural Stepping Motion for Effective Fat Burning and Weight Loss

Ladies, it's time to drop those empty promises and ineffective, boring workout programs that never seem to shed the pounds - and switch to The Firm Wave™, the revolutionary workout system engineered by The Firm to finally bring fun, wholesome weight loss back into your living room. The Wave is the fat burning solution for women who are ready to lose the fat and tone your buns, abs, thighs, arms, legs and more quickly and easily. The secret to The Wave is in its Speed Slimming design - not your ordinary balance board, The Wave is even better than the original The Firm because it was meticulously crafted by engineers with input from busy women like you. And just listen to their reviews of The Wave: "I have gone from a size 23 to a size 9, dropping 90 pounds," Lindsay Warren. "I was able to go from a size 10 to a size 2 - and was able to look better than before I tried this," Karen Kaskal. And Debbie Midgely says: "I have lost 100 pounds. This is definitely proof that it works." And that's just a small sampling! With The Wave, it's so easy to get on the fast track to weight loss and a lean, toned sexy beach body. The Wave's revolutionary two-sided design gives it the perfect curve for calorie burning range of motion, a gentle incline for natural stepping motion, a wide base for stability and more. Instead of working on just one muscle at once, The Wave puts your entire body in motion with short bursts of cardio and strength training - over 100 exercises in all - so you can burn fat faster than traditional exercises. Best of all, this type of training has an afterburn effect - it makes your body burn fat long after you're done exercising - 24 hours a day. Order today and you'll get The Wave by The Firm balance board workout system, 3 DVD workouts, the 7-day Detox Guide to jumpstart your fat burn and the 30 Day Mix 'n Match Meal System. Burn up to 3X more fat and get real results after just 10 workouts.

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