The Go Plate - Have a Stable Base for your Plate while Eating Outdoors

Eating outdoors like on a picnic or camping trip can be really fun especially if you have great food and great company but the problem is that there is a possibility that there are no tables or suitable places where you can put your plate on which can make eating quite the chore. If you are looking for a product that will allow you to enjoy your food well even without a table to eat on then The Go Plate™ is the product for you. As a plate, The GoPlate is made from durable yet food safe materials so you are guaranteed that the food on your plate is safe. As seen on, the Go Plate also features a number of partitions that keeps your food on the plate and will help in minimizing spills. What sets The Go Plate apart from other outdoor plates however is that it features a specially designed cutout in the middle of the plate which allows it to attach to a bottle, glass or can. This feature will allow you to have a stable base for your go plate which should allow you to enjoy eating your food outdoors even if you do not have a table to eat on while at the same time minimizing the mess and chance for spills.

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