The Rack Workout - The Portable Workout Machine Designed By Owen McKibbin, Man With The World's Best Abs

Men's Health awarded Owen McKibbin Word's Best Abs. But rather than keep the secrets to becoming ripped and sculpted, McKibbin has decided to create a way for you to have the same ripped body without the hassles and cost of going to the gym and getting a personal trainer. Resembling something like a pull up bar on steroids, The Rack is Owen McKibben's all-in-one personal exercise machine. The Rack can be transformed into three different configurations that target the three quadrants of your body - Upper body, lower body and core. Utilizing a combination of your own weight resistance, as well as The Rack's own weight, you will be able to exercise all the muscles in your body with the astounding myriad of workouts available with The Rack's different configurations. Reviews attest to the effectiveness of The The Rack Workout™ in giving you a complete body sculpting workout, and since it is portable, you can keep it in your own home or in your car for traveling, so you won't miss a day of turning yourself into the most ripped and ready you have ever been. To complement your journey to a better body, diet guides, exercise guides and instructional videos are also available to ensure that you have everything you need to get the world's best abs. Don't wait a moment more, get yourself The Rack today.

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