Thunder Shirt for Dogs - This Calming Vest is Great Therapy for an Anxious or Fearful Dog, Big or Small

Calm down your anxious pet with Thunder Shirt for Dogs™, a calming vest recommended by numerous vets and dog trainers. ThunderShirt works by using gentle pressure to release a hormone that helps reduce fear and anxiety. This is why a hug helps people feel better, and the same principle will work for you nervous dog. Thunder Shirt works on whatever is bothering your jittery dog, whether is it loud noises like fireworks or a thunderstorm, fear of strangers, or anxiety from being left alone. As seen on, the soothing ThunderShirt vest for dogs helps alleviate problem behavior such as excessive shaking, panting, barking, chewing objects such as furniture, or jumping all over your guests. The Thunder Shirt for Dogs uses velcro to make it easy to place on your pet. It was also designed to ensure your dog is comfortable as well as calm. ThunderShirt is available in a range of sizes, so you should find one to fit your dog, big or small. Taking your dog to a vet or a professional obedience trainer for his behavioral problem can be expensive and may not even work. Thunder Shirt for dogs is a safe, inexpensive therapy for your dog's problem behavior that will work on 80% of dogs.

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