Tidy Extension - Reviews Say this is The Easiest to Use Extension Cord Available Today

Extension cords are really handy in today's technology driven world but the problem with extension cords is that they can be quite messy to work with due to the long wires that you need to keep under control. If you are looking for an extension cord that is significantly easier to use, then the Tidy Extension™ is the product to get. Conventional extension cords have exposed wires which can be a pain at times as they can look really messy and can tangle easily as well. As seen on www.tidyextension.com, these are not problems that you will encounter with the Tidy Extension. The product features a 5-foot cord but what makes the product even better is that the wire of this extension cord can easily be retracted inside the product's body, giving it a much neater look without excess wires dangling around. The Tidy Extension also supports 2 three prong sockets for improved versatility with a variety of socket types and even features 2 USB ports as well for charging and powering USB based devices. Reviews also love that the Tidy Extension features a flat plug which allows the Tidy Extension to easily be plugged even into electric sockets that are positioned in tight areas.

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