Titan Twist Mop - Reviews Say this is the Most Effective and Easiest to Use Mop You Can Get Today

Mopping floor surfaces is one activity that people in every household do, but the problem is that mopping can be quite messy and difficult due to the fact that a person mopping will need to work with a bucket of water and chemicals in order to bring about an effective clean. If you switch from your conventional mop to the Titan Twist Mop™ however, this will not be the case anymore. The TitanTwist Mop is a revolutionary mop that will change the way you mop your floors for the better. With the Titan Twist Mop, you do not need to bring a bucket along with you. All you need to do is mop, and once the Twist Mop is already quite dirty, simply rinse it on the sink, twist to expel the excess water and then just mop again! The TitanTwistMop features a microfiber mop head that is more effective at removing dirt and bacteria from surfaces compared to cotton fibres, which just push the dirt around. As seen on www.titantwist.com, the inner area of the mop features a super absorbent Shammy pad which reviews really love. This allows the Titan Twist Mop to easily absorb spills and moisture from your floor, ensuring a clean and perfectly dry surface after mopping.

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