Titanic $2 Bill - Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of The RMS Titanic with this $2 Bill

One of the most well known events of the 20th century, the tragedy of the Titanic is testament to the technological rise of man and his tumultuous relationship with nature. To commemorate its 100th anniversary, the Merrick Mint has made a special Titanic $2 Bill™ featuring key scenes from the event. The images capture the romance that the event played host to, and the grandness and spectacle of the RMS Titanic is immortalized on this piece of genuine legal tender. Seals from the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury attest to the bills status as genuine legal tender. Since $2 bills are one of the rarest forms of U.S Currency, this commemorative bill is definitely an item every collector will want to have. The bills come in two forms, the standard 100th anniversary Titanic $2 Bill and the Maiden Voyage 3D Gold Hologram $2 Bill. Also available are museum quality collector's cases that will protect your bills and display them to great effect. There are even rendered Titanic Telegrams that capture the events of the tragedy from the perspective of the passengers. The commemorative 100th Anniversary Titanic $2 Bill is a one of a kind piece that veteran collectors and beginning hobbyists alike should have.

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