Titanic Anniversary Coin - Commemorate the 100th Anniversary in 2012 of the Tragic Tale of The RMS Titanic with this Proof Set

The Titanic Anniversary Coin™ is now available to coin collectors, enthusiasts and fans of the ill-fated voyage. With the upcoming 100th anniversary of the legendary ship's maiden voyage, the Titanic Anniversary Coin is the perfect way to commemorate the momentous occasion that at once showcased mankind's towering achievements and the distance that we have yet to travel in bridging the gap with mother nature. If you are a coin collector, then this is truly a must have piece. Perhaps you are just beginning your collection, then the Titanic Anniversary Coin is a great starter set. Even if you are simply a fan of the history and majesty surrounding the event, this is the perfect way to have a piece of history at the right price. The Titanic was proof that man could achieve the impossible, and that he has much more to do in order to master the world. This 2012, add the Titanic Anniversary Coin to your collection. The Titanic Anniversary coin is available in gold and silver. There are also special memorabilia included with the set such as a captain's leatherette folio, a map of the Titanic's route, a replica of the boarding pass, 5 collectible Titanic photo postcards, and even a Titanic pennant made from canvas. Don't miss out on this amazing offer. Order the Titanic Anniversary Coin today!

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