Toasty Tootsies - Reviews Say this is probably the Best Blanket for Keeping Your Feet Comfortably Warm

Now that the cold months are coming up, it is to be expected now that your body will experience a lot of cold, and that even when using blankets you will still feel the cold as the blanket usually slips, and that the feet are left uncovered, making sleeping or resting quite uncomfortable. If you are looking for a blanket that will effectively keep you warm then the Toasty Tootsies™ is the product for you. The Toasty Tootsies is made out of extra soft fleece that will effectively keep you warm and at the same time will make you feel very comfortable throughout the day or night. However, the ToastyTootsies is unique from other blankets available today as it features a built in pocket for your feet. With conventional blankets, the area around your feet usually slips, leaving your feet cold and very uncomfortable. The Toasty Toasties' built in pocket ensures that your feet stay warm, no matter how much you move when you sleep. The Toasty Tootsies also features an elastic lining that is quite durable, allowing you to stretch the Toasty Tootsies for quite a bit for extra comfort. Reviews also love that the Toasty Tootsies come in different colours, allowing you some options to match the blanket with your existing room dĂ©cor.

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