Tommie Copper - Relieve Sore Joints And Muscle Pain With These Revolutionary Compression Sleeves. Endorsed by Montel Williams.

Tommie Copper™ is the revolutionary new line of compression sleeves and apparel designed for everyone who experiences muscle pain and sore joints - everyone, not just athletes. Athletes of almost every sport wear compression sleeves to aid in the recovery of their muscles and joints, but often, they use compression fittings that are too bulky and uncomfortable. This means that you cannot wear them for extended periods of time, or under your regular clothing. Tommie Copper recognizes that most people can benefit from the effects of compression, but the gear available out there is not suited for everyday use. That is why they made their line of compression sleeves and apparel. As seen on, Tommie Copper is designed to be light weight, comfortable and fashionable. This means that you can wear it all day, every day, with your regular clothes and in your natural environment. Montel Williams, a proud member of the Tommie Copper family, extols the benefits of compression, and that of copper, which work in tandem to provide you with increased recovery and relief. As if the TV infomercial and glowing reviews aren't enough, you can even look up copper on the internet and find that it has been used to treat inflammation for thousands of years, and has been a part of medicine from ancient times to the present. Get the benefits of compression and copper, without the bulk, discomfort and lack of fashion - get yourself your very own Tommie Copper sleeves and apparel today.

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