Topsy Turvy - Tomato Planter That Grows Upside Down Gives Delicious Home-Grown Tomatoes for Your Favorite Dishes.

Ever spend time trying to pick out the best tomatoes from the grocery store, only to get home and find that they are bruised or flavorless in your salad? Thanks to the Topsy Turvy™ tomato planter, now you can enjoy delicious home-grown tomatoes in your favorite dishes without having to go past your own backyard. This upside down planter is great for growing tomatoes, zucchini and other herbs even if you don't have a traditional garden area. Because the Topsy Turvey planter is self contained, all you have to do is place a plant inside the planter with some top soil and hang it on your patio or balcony in a sunny location. Growing big, delicious tomatoes is easy with this inventive planter because all you have to do is water it from the top and the plant will grow upside down. No getting down in the dirt to dig holes and plant tomatoes; no rifling through grocery store bins in search of ripe tomatoes that are free of bruises. Just some simple watering and a little patience and you'll have a fully blooming tomato plant that gives you ripe, juicy tomatoes up to 4 weeks earlier than you would get from a traditionally grown tomato plant! Get your Topsy Turvy planter today and you'll be enjoying flavorful tomatoes in no time.

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