Torso Track 2 - Reviews Say this Exercise Machine Really Works for the Upper Body and Abs

There are many fitness machines out there that promise to strengthen your body, but then are very unintuitive to setup and use and require different sorts of exercises in order to reap the benefits. With the Torso Track 2™, however, you get a simple exercise that is very effective in building and toning your abs and upper body muscles. If you have seen a video on the Torso Track 2, you will notice that it offers a simple motion to your body. Do not be fooled by this simple exercise, as with just 5 minutes a day, you can build shapely arms and a strong core. Torso Track 2 also comes with a revolutionary counterweight mechanism that allow you to fine tune the resistance of the machine; softening or intensifying the resistance to suit your workout needs. After you are done with the Torso Track 2, you can easily fold and store the machine under your bed or inside the closet as it is only about half the size of an ironing board. You can refer to the instructions manual on the simple steps on how to effectively use and store this machine. Countless reviews and users agree that for the best upper body and core workout, the Torso Track 2 is the best machine to get.

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