TotalProtect Home Warranty - Customer Reviews Praise the Extensive Warranty Coverage of this Service

Do you have a lot of appliances at home and you are worried about the eventual repairs that will be needed in the future? Repairs on these appliances, especially when they are damage-related, can not only be very costly but can also be very inconvenient for you, so if you are looking for an easy and more practical way to maintain your home appliances, then the TotalProtect Home Warranty™ service is what you are looking for. The service gives you warranty coverage on over 20 home systems and appliances that your homeowners insurance does not cover. With a Total Protect Home Warranty plan for your appliances, you need not pay expensive unexpected repair bills should an important appliance break down. You also do need to exhaust efforts to look for a qualified repair and service provider, as the TotalProtect Home Warranty service employs over 40,000 pre-qualified and screened service providers that will be able to give the repairs that you need. And best of all, if your appliance cannot be fixed, the Total Protect Home Warranty service will replace the covered appliance! As seen on, this service works like a regular insurance plan, requiring you to pay a monthly rate as well as a deductible whenever you make a claim, but the convenience and the practicality of this service is a worthwhile investment, and many customer reviews agree. Get a FREE Quote in Seconds from TotalProtect® Home Warranty

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