TravelClean - A Sanitary Kit that Will Allow You to Stay Clean While Going through Airports and Riding an Airplane

Air travel is fast and convenient, prompting many people to use this mode of transportation, but what this means is that the airport as well as the seats that you use when riding in an airplane can be home to a lot of bacteria and disease causing agents thanks to the sheer number of people that are using them on a frequent basis. To make sure that you are protected from these germs and viruses then the TravelClean™ kit is something that you will want to have. The Travel Clean kit contains a Protective Seat Shield that you an easily attach onto your airplane seat to act as a barrier from the possibly numerous bacteria on the seat's surface; a pair of booties that you can insert your feet into when you need to take off your shoes during pre-flight security checks as well as 4 sanitizing wipes that you can use to disinfect the surface in the airport or in the plane that you may come into contact with. As seen on, with the TravelClean, you have everything that you need to make sure that you are protected from the different bacteria and viruses that you may come into contact with while you travel.

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