Tray N Play - Reviews Say this Product Will Allow Your Child to Enjoy Playing and Eating while in the Car

Does your child love to play in the car or eat snacks and consume drinks but you hate the mess and clutter that what your child does can bring to your car? Tray N Play™ is a product that you might want to get for your car then. As seen on, all you need to do is to attach the Tray N' Play fastener onto the metal part of your head rest and then pull down on the Tray N' Play when you need to use to the product. The TrayNPlay acts just like the trays that you would see in the seats of airplanes. Reviews love that with the Tray N' Play inside the car, your child will be able to play with his or her toys as well as eat food with as probably drastically reduced mess. Also, a lot of users of the Tray N' Play love the fact that it has 2 built in secret compartments where you can store your child's pens, crayons and other small items. There is also a cup holder in the Tray N' Play which makes it an even more versatile accessory to add to your car. The fastening mechanism of the Tray N' Play is also very intuitive to remove so you can easily transfer the product to different headrests in your car or even to different cars if you want to.

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