TriWipe - Reviews Say this Product Makes Cleaning and Maintaining Glass Windows and Mirrors Extremely Easy

Glass windows and mirrors are great accents to any home, but keeping them looking spotless is very difficult, and with conventional cleaning methods, it can get quite messy as well. Not with the TriWipe™ however. It is the revolutionary glass window and mirror cleaning tool that will allow you to easily keep similar glass surfaces spotless without the mess and hassle. What sets the TriWipe apart from other glass surface cleaning sponges and squeegees is its three in one cleaning head which features a micro fiber cloth, a precise silicone blade and the super absorbent sponge. In just one simple action, the microfiber cloth scrubs off dirt from the glass, the silicone blade wipes away the liquids from the surface, while the sponge absorbs the excess liquids from the glass, making cleaning very effective without any unnecessary mess. Tri Wipe also comes with a 5-foot telescoping handle that allows the cleaning of difficult to reach windows with ease. Countless reviews love the TriWipe because it has made cleaning windows, mirrors, glass doors and similar parts of the house very effective yet at the same time has minimized the mess that usually comes with cleaning glass surfaces, saving them a lot of time and hassle.

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