Tubaroos - The Perfect Bath-Time Toys for Your Child

Does your child hate bath-time due to the cold water and having to deal with soap and shampoo? You can make your child look forward to bath time with Tubaroos™. Tubaroos are soap sticks that your child can easily mold and bend to shapes that your child likes. Tubaroos are just like fun pieces of clay that your child can play with on the tub or on the sink. What's great about Tubaroos is that they are really very easy to play with. Their soft and moldable properties make it a cinch for your children to come up with designs and shapes that they want to achieve. With the included model making guide, your children can mold these soap sticks onto animal designs like ducks or frogs, and they can even make car or boat designs if they wish to: their imagination is the limit. Their Tubaroos also double as their bath soap, so they can use it while bathing on the tub or washing their face. Tubaroos are safe for your children to use as they are made out of pure vegetable oil and natural colors. Tubaroos also cleans your child's skin gently and will not cause any irritation. With Tubaroos, your child will surely look forward to bath time every day.

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