Turbo Cooker Plus - Quicker, Easier, Healthier Cooking With The Turbo Cooker's Accessories Including a Wire Rack and Dome Lid

The Turbo Cooker Plus™ makes cooking easier, faster and healthier. You can cook all types of dishes including beef tacos, pastas, corn, Asian honey chicken, and steam vegetables at the same time. This is possible because of the gadgets and accessories that come with it. On the pot you can cook your dish of choice. By simply placing your vegetables on a wire rack on top of it, but still inside the Turbo Cooker, you can steam your veggies. Then cover it with the dome lid and place the entire Turbo Cooker Plus on top of your gas range or stove. All these gadgets and accessories multiply the use of this multi-tasked cooker, and saves on gas and/or electricity, as meals are cooked within less than 15 minutes with slight pressure. You can fry, roast and bake with little to no oil. Frozen foods are cooked without wasting time to defrost, and dry pastas are cooked without waiting for water to boil. Even better, the flavors don't mix. Foods cook in perfect balance with Chef Randall's steam frying system. The original cooker sold millions serving as an 'informal' review and evaluation of this product. By ordering the Turbo Cooker Plus upon viewing its infomercial, however, the buyer gets free gifts including Chef Randall's recipe book, and other useful Turbo Cooker Plus accessories.

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