Turbo Shot - Reviews Say this is the Best Attachment to Your Garden Hose Available Today

When cleaning the outside area of the house as well as your car and other properties, it is the garden hose that is the primary cleaning tool being used. If you want to make cleaning using your garden hose a much easier and convenient task then getting the Turbo Shot™ attachment for your garden hose. With the attachment, you will be able to have an adjustable stream of water that you can easily customize from a light misting effect all the way to a powerful stream that can blast up to 40 feet. The TurboShot is a solid brass spray nozzle that you can easily attach onto your existing garden hose. The nozzle features precision ball bearing that allows you to adjust the spray to your specific preferences. And since you can adjust it to produce powerful spray or a misting action, the Turbo Shot is great for a myriad of cleaning applications like cleaning your car, bricks or walkways on your garden as well as the windows of your home. Reviews also love that the Turbo Shot is heavy duty and reliable, and that it can easily withstand a lot of use and abuse when you do your cleaning activities around your house.

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