Turbo Snake - The Drain Cleaner For Hair Removal Like No Other

The Turbo Snake™ is the ultimate solution for clogged drains from showers, sinks and bathtubs caused by clumps of hair, according to Anthony Sullivan, Unlike plunges that can be messy and liquid drain cleaners that simply pass through the clog, the Turbo Snake can easily slide into your sink without having to remove the stopper. Then, just give it a simple twirl, lift it up, and hair removal is done easily and quickly. No need to look up the phone number of an expensive plumber, and you are spared the bother of plumbing bills. With the turbo Snake, grabbing clogged hair is easy with its specially designed hooks that gradually grab at the clog as you twirl it, then pull it out. Results are guaranteed with the Turbo Snake. Now you are spared the need for liquid drain cleaners that are toxic and the trouble of having to use messy plunges. A review by one satisfied user said, 'I was amazed at how quick and easy it was to grab the hair with the turbo snake and remove it. It was really simple, and it worked.' The Turbo Snake has a large version for showers and tubs, and a small one for sinks and drains.

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