TV Time Tray - The Best Food Tray That Will Allow You to Enjoy TV Meals with the Whole Family

If you and your family love to watch TV and eat your meals together, then you most likely have experienced the difficulty of eating and the potential mess that eating your food using different plates and trays bring. If you want to enjoy your meals in front of the TV without having to deal with the mess and inconvenience then the TV Time Tray™ is the perfect product for you. The TV Time Tray is able to replace 5 different plates, which should make eating in front of the TV fun and easy for the whole family. The TVTime Tray features recessed spaces where you can put your food on, minimizing the chances of spills going onto your couch or carpet in the living room. Also, the TV Time Tray will never break even if you drop it onto the floor! Once the in-front-of-the-TV meal is done, TV Time Tray is very easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe. The product is also stackable so it takes up less space in your kitchen cabinet when stored. So if you really love to eat meals while watching the TV, TV Time Tray is the perfect food container for you.

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