Twinkle Paws - Reviews Say this is the Perfect Toy to Keep Your Cat Entertained

Cats are quite playful animals by nature and that it is very much possible that they want to cuddle and play even if you want to rest. If you are looking for ways to catch and hold your cat's attention while you sleep or rest then Twinkle Paws™ is the product for you. It is a toy specially designed for cats that will surely catch their attention while you rest. TwinklePaws is a play pad for cats that features random flashing lights on it. As soon as the pad detects pressure from touch, the lights will light up and flash randomly. Cats are attracted to this light and they will try to hit and catch this light as much as they can for hours on end, which should give you ample time to rest. A lot of reviews like Twinkle Paws not only because it is very effective at keeping their cat preoccupied but it is also made with rip resistant and durable nylon. This strong construction allows Twinkle Paws to last even if your cat plays with it for hours on end every day. Twinkle Paws is also infused with catnip, allowing it to hold your cat's attention for even longer periods of time.

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