Twisty Chain - This Unique, Bendable and Shapeable Accessory is Versatile Jewelry

Do you love to use accessories to come up with a unique look, but find that most accessories and jewelry available on the market today look bland and boring? The Twisty Chain™ is a truly unique accessory that you will surely love to use. Out of the box, it just looks like a simple loop of shiny material. However, with a few twists and turns, you can actually turn the Twisty Chain from a simple shiny loop to a gorgeous looking and unique accessory that will definitely stand out. As the name goes, the Twisty Chain is a bendable and shapeable shiny toned alloy that will conform to whatever bends and braids you make it. As seen on, the Twisty Chain holds ist shape, allowing you to come up with various designs with just your creativity being the limit. The Twisty Chain is versatile to as it can function as a necklace, a bracelet, a belt, a hair accessory and many more uses. The shiny alloy is smooth and easy to bend. It will not snag on your clothing so it will look great with a wide variety of clothes and dresses in your wardrobe. So if a truly unique and versatile accessory is what you are looking for, the Twisty Chain is the accessory to get.

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