Ugly Snuglies - Your Child Will Love These Ugly Stuffed Animals

When it comes to stuffed animals, one would think that only the cute ones are great for children, but this is definitely not the case with Ugly Snuglies™. Looking at the Ugly Snuglies, they are definitely uglier compared to your conventional stuffed animals, but also have a much more fun and lively look that your child will definitely appreciate and that you may even find these toys to have a funny charm to them. Aside from their unique and fun look, UglySnuglies also feature soft and warm materials that makes them really cuddly which your child definitely appreciate. Not only does the product look unique however, as there are a lot of extra features that this stuffed animal has. Each Ugly Snuglies design has their own unique extra feature which reviews really love. Rowdy Rabbit for example has a built in radio, Porky Panda has a blanket inside that your child can use on those cold days and Krazy Kitty has a light in the tail area which your child can use as a night light. As seen on, with these extra features, plus the cute and ugly yet funny designs that Ugly Snuglies have, your child will definitely love to have one, if not have the complete set of the different Ugly Snuglies designs.

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