Ultra Bulb - Reviews Love the Ultra Bulb So Much, They Will Want to Replace All their Existing Light bulbs with It

Tired of your conventional light bulbs burning out much more frequently than you want to? LED based light bulbs could be a much smarter alternative, but they only usually shine light in one direction, but not he Ultra Bulb™. Designed by Bell and Howell, the Ultra Bulb will last longer than your regular light bulb, will work with your existing light bulb sockets and will give off much brighter light to all directions better than an LED bulb can. What sets UltraBulb apart from the rest is that it features new LED lighting technology that makes it compatible with even the older light bulb sockets, making it extremely versatile to use, as you do not need to install new light bulb sockets any more. Also, the Ultra Bulb features a 360 degree reflector that allows the Ultra Bulb to shine brightly in all directions, making it far better at illuminating dark areas than other LED bulbs can. Reviews really love the Ultra Bulb not only for its backwards compatibility with older light bulb sockets and the bright light that it gives, but it also uses a lot less energy, making it an extremely efficient light bulb as well, which has allowed users to save money on their electric bill as well.

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