Up Dog - Help Your Dog Sit Beside You On The Couch With These Specially Designed Steps!

Your pets are wonderful company, whether while watching TV or reading a book. Having those uncomplaining, all affectionate balls of fur cuddled up to you while relaxing just makes the entire experience even more enjoyable. But sometimes it's a bit of trouble getting them onto the couch or onto the bed. You don't want to strain your back by bending over and picking them up every time. You know full well that for some inscrutable reason or another they will want to get down in the middle of the show to bark out the window, or take a drink. Then when they come back, you have to bend over and pick them up all over again. Sure it's no problem if they can climb up themselves, but what if they are too small, or too old, or have arthritic problems? Good thing there is Up Dog™, the specially designed stairs that will let your pet, big or small, climb up steps to the furniture so that they can cuddle up to you. As seen on TV, Up Dog ramps are cutely designed, portable, and durable. They will be a permanent fixture around your home relaxation spots, allowing your best buddies to sidle up to you anytime, without straining you or your pet. Every pet and his master deserves the convenience of being able to lounge together. Every pet deserves an Up Dog.

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