Veggetti - This Vegetable Spaghetti Maker Turns Ordinary Vegetables like Zucchini into Pasta for Healthy and Delicious Recipes

Are you following a vegetarian diet and are looking for ways to add more variety to your vegetable recipes, or do you simply want to live healthy and you are looking for recipes to make vegetables a more delicious eating experience? The Veggetti™ is definitely the cooking tool for you. It is a unique pasta maker that will turn ordinary vegetables into delicious and at the same time healthy pasta. How is this possible? The Veggetti features 12 ultra-sharp thin blades that easily slices through vegetables and makes perfectly sized and textured vegetable pasta with very little effort. With the Veggetti, you can cut vegetables in thin sizes to easily create vegetable spaghetti, or you can also opt for bigger sized cuts for making vegetable zucchini pasta. As seen on, Veggeti works for food that is up to two and a half inches in diameter, and what is great is that the Vegghetti is manually operated, negating the need for batteries, electricity or other external means of power. The Veggetti is perfect for use with zucchini, squash, potatoes, carrots and more. The Veggeti also comes with 2 recipe books that will teach you how to prepare delicious meals with the Veggeti cuts that you have made.

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