Velvet Burst - Give a Unique Coloring Experience to Your Child

Does your child love to work with coloring books or maybe draw art and shapes and color them right after? Your child will surely love Velvet Burst™ then. It is a unique coloring kit that your child will most likely have never encountered before. Usually, your child will have had to use colored pens, crayons and similar coloring items in order to add color and life to whatever image or picture it is that your child wants to color. With Velvet Burst, your child will actually add water to the material that he or she wants to color up, and out bursts the color from the canvas itself. The Velvet Burst canvas is infused with velvet, with specific areas of the coloring canvas coming to life with drops of water. Using the included Water Drop wand, your child can apply specific amounts of color into each and every section of the Velvet Burst coloring canvas in order to finish adding color to the whole image. In order to up the creativity and the fun, not only will your child get to color pre made velvet infused images, but your child will also get blank Velvet Burst Canvas along with the special Velvet Burst Pen. With this combo, your child can create his or her own unique design, and then color it right after using the method of coloring that only Velvet Burst can give to your child. A lot of parents really love Velvet Burst, as it has given their child a unique way to play with colors and get creativity, and that Velvet Burst has really captured the attention of their kids for hours.

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