Vino Pop - Open Wine Bottles Easily with this Product

Wine can be a great beverage to drink as not only does it have a distinct and delicious flavor, but can also be quite the fun and relaxing drink to have. If you are having problem opening your wine bottles though then the Vino Pop™ is the product that you will definitely want to use. The problem with a lot of wine openers is that they may still require a lot of tugging force in order to get the cork off of the wine bottle. As seen on, with Vino Pop, this is not a problem that you will be encountering. All you need to do is to place the Vino Pop on top of the wine bottle’s cork, pus the product’s pin into the cork, pump the lever two to three times and then pop the wine bottle open. The Vino Pop utilizes the Air Rise technology which introduces air into the wine bottle. Every time you pump the Vino Pop’s lever, more air goes into the bottle, which slowly pushes the cork upwards until it pops. With Vino Pop, it should be much faster and easier for you to pop the cork off. Also, since this product does not cause substantial damage to the cork, no cork bits will fall into the wine, resulting in optimal flavor with as minimal contaminants in the wine as possible.

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