Wall Rider - Reviews Say this Unique Remote Controlled Toy Car Can Run Up Walls

If your child is fascinated by cars then a radio controlled toy car is something that your child will most definitely fancy. If you are looking for one that is unique and really fun to play with however then the Wall Rider™ is the perfect gift for your child. Out of the box, the Wall Rider may look and function just like any other remote controlled car available today. It features an infrared remote control that allows the user to deliver precise commands to the toy car, and should make it extremely fun to play with for your child. What sets it apart from the rest however is the fact that the Wall Rider can also run up walls, hence the name. The WallRider features a precision suction technology that allows it to easily stick and climb up walls with ease while maintaining speed. Reviews from users also love the fact that the Wall Rider will not scratch the surface it runs on so no damage should happen onto your impeccable looking wall. So if you want to dazzle your child with a remote controlled car then Wall Rider is definitely the best one that you can get. Not only will your child have a lot of fun playing with it, but your child's friends will be amazed as well.

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