Wallet Ninja - Have a Multitude of CompactTools Stuffed Inside Your Wallet

Are you a DIY guy and have always thought that the tool box is the smallest object to carry your go to repair and handiwork tools? Wallet Ninja™ will change that way of thinking as it will transform your wallet into a versatile, comprehensive tool holder. One look at the Wallet Ninja and you will most likely thing "What's that?!?". It may look like a piece of card with various cuts in it, but it actually is an extremely compact and versatile repair tool that combines the functions of 18 tools into one simple, easy to use tool that actually fits inside your wallet. With its ingenious design, the Wallet Ninja can perform the functions of 6 different size hex wrenches, bottle openers, screw drivers, a can opener, box cutter cell phone stand, peeler and many more! The Wallet Ninja is made of 1.5mm of 4x heat treated steel, so while the Wallet Ninja might look small and flimsy, it is actually one extremely durable piece of engineering marvel that could be your go to tool in order to work with various areas of the house that need fixing, The Wallet Ninja is perfect for those who love the outdoor life as well.

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