Watch Owl - Protect Your Garden with this Portable Owl Scarecrow Monitor

Growing your own produce at home is beneficial for your health and even your pocket, but maintaining your produce and keeping it free from pests and rodents can be a hassle to deal with. Why spend a lot of time watching over your produce or pay someone to do it when you can have the Watch Owl™, your very own electronic scarecrow. As the name goes, the WatchOwl is an artificial pest repellent device that you can attach onto tree branches or whatever solid surface you may have over your garden. When you have to leave your produce, all you need to do is switch on the Watch Owl will do the guarding for you. Not only does the Watch Owl look like a real owl, it also produces natural-sounding owl noise from its built in speakers. As seen on, it even features a rotating head. These actions of the Watch Owl scare off rodents and other animals, as they think that an owl, their natural predator, is indeed in the vicinity. This in turn reduces the chances of pests and rodents consuming your produce while you are away. So if you want a practical way to protect your produce from animals, then the Watch Owl is the perfect repellent for you.

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