Water Glide - Give Your Car a Thorough Clean Without Using Towels or Rags

Do you love to clean your car, but hate how time consuming and effort-requiring the need to wipe your car over and over again to give it a shiny finish? With Water Glide™, you can say goodbye to the need to use towels or spend a lot of time having to wipe your car over and over again. To use, all you need to do is add a cap of Water Glide to your wash rinsing bucket and you are good to go. As you rinse your car with the WaterGlide mixture, you will notice that the water and soap suds simply glide off of the car leaving extremely little to virtually no water on the surface of your car's paint. Not only does this negate the need to constantly wipe your car to give it a shiny look, but it will also prevent the appearance of hard water spots from appearing on your car's paint surface. And since you do not need to wipe your car with the Water Glide solution, you will actually prevent scratches and other paint surface damage to it. A lot of people who have used Water Glide have given it great reviews, saying that it not only has made the washing of their cars easy, but it has also cut their washing time by a significant amount as well.

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