Water Jet - Transform Any Garden Hose into A Water Jet Power Washer

Want a powerful outdoor cleaning solution that's easy to setup? Then try the Water Jet™ power washer. The Water Jet is an easy to use power washer tool which can be attached to any garden hose for quick use for those outdoor cleaning jobs. The Water Jet concentrates water pressure from your hose, creating a powerful blast of water that can be used for cutting through accumulated dirt on your driveways, wood or aluminum sidings, fences and other outdoor structures. It is even powerful enough to clean eaves or second story windows without causing abrasive damage to your glass or paint. This sprayer can also be used to clean caked mud off your tires and in hard to reach places like your wheel wells. You can also use it indoors for cleaning your bathroom tiles, shower area, bathtub and sink. With an easily adjustable pressure control, there's no telling what else you can do with this seemingly simple, but truly versatile cleaning tool. Made with aluminum, stainless steel and solid brass, the Water Jet is dependable and durable, and you can expect it to be helping you clean up quickly for years to come. You can bring it for camping or boating trips without worry because it can connect to any garden hose. Reviews all agree that the Water Jet is a truly powerful power washer, so get one today and begin blasting away all that dirt with Water Jet.

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