Wax Vac - Reviews Say This Handheld "Vacuum Cleaner" is Best for Removal of Ear Wax, Dirt, and Water

Is there a safe and effective way to clean excessive ear wax from inside your ear canal? Yes, Wax Vac™ is the healthy way to remove ear wax. Build up of ear wax inside the ear canal affects the sharpness of one's hearing. But doctors strongly warn against using a cotton swab or Q-tip to remove wax from inside the ear. Cotton swabs can do more harm than good by actually pushing dirt and wax further down into the ear canal. There is a risk that a Q-tip can actually puncture the ear drum, which is very painful. An exotic technique some use for cleaning the ears is to use an ear candle, but ear candling can cause its own problems, such as burning or obstruction of the ear canal. Wax Vac, on the other hand, uses suction to gently vacuum wax, dirt and water out of the ear canal. A safety guard prevents WaxVac from going too deep. The Wax Vac ear vacuum is also quiet when it is being used. When you are done cleaning your ears, you just empty out the collected dirt and moisture from the unit. Next time you have water in your ears, you will find using WaxVac to be a much more pleasant alternative than pounding your head! Wax Vac can be used comfortably by children and the elderly. The product comes with a handy cleaning brush and color-coated silicone tips for comfort. Reviews say there's nothing quite like Wax Vac for the health of your ears.

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