Wearever - Reviews Say this Underwear is a Great Solution to Give Protection for Incontinence Problems for Men or Women

As you age, your control of some of the body's functions may diminish and that one of these functions that is usually affected is bladder control. If you are looking for a product that will help minimize the discomfort and hassle that incontinence can give then Wearever™ is the product that you should get. In the past, people suffering from incontinence would have had to use disposable, paper underwear but the problem with them is that they can be quite uncomfortable to wear. Wearever on the other is specially designed underwear that is both washable as it is protective. As seen on www.mywearever.com, Wearever is real underwear and not of the disposable kind. There are no pads or add-ons on the Wearever that can compromise your comfort while wearing the underwear. Wearever features a Triple Woven Blend construction that allows the underwear to easily hold moisture. At the same time, this special construction allows the Wearever to form a protective barrier that prevents the moisture from coming into contact with your skin as well as prevents the mess from ruining your clothing. Reviews also love that the Wearever can be washed over 200 times which allows users to save a lot of money when compared to having to buy disposable underwear every now and then.

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