Weider X Factor - Why Go to the Gym When You can Transform Your Door into a Fitness Machine?

When you think about getting in shape and staying, the initial thoughts that come into your mind most likely involve the need to go to the gym in order to work out, but going to the gym can take up a lot of time and gym memberships can be costly as well. If you are looking for convenient tool that will give you intense workouts, then the Weider X Factor® is the perfect product for you. With it, you can transform any door in your home into a total fitness machine that will get you the body that you want fast. The Weider X-Factor is engineered to easily attach to any standard door, and will give you resistance that exceeds 210 lbs., and this effectively replaces most of the weights that you can find in a professional gym. You also get 2 handles, 2 ankle straps and 4 connection clips that will provide you the comfort and resistance that you need in order to pull off intense muscle crunching exercises. You also get 3 workout DVDs and a downloadable nutrition guide in order to teach you the varied workouts that you can do with the Weider X Factor, as well as guide you with the proper food that you need to eat in order to stay in shape.

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