Whiptide - Reviews Say this Product is the Best in Street Boarding

A lot of young kids love to ride and do tricks with skateboards, but traditional skateboards can be quite difficult to use and require a lot of skill in order for users to do tricks and ride properly. If you are looking for a skateboard that is a lot easier and safer for your child to use then the Whiptide™ is the product that you are looking for. It may function like a skateboard, but it has a number of features that set it apart from skateboards or longboard. The Whiptide has a larger and wider deck, giving the user more stability and lessening the likelihood of falls. The Whiptide also features a flex neck technology, which will allow you to twist and bend the Whiptide as you wish. Not only does this allow you to create unique tricks that you cannot do on a regular skateboard, but the Whiptide also allows you to give it propulsion without having to exert too much force, even allowing you to go uphill by simply just twisting your legs and hips. A lot of parents who have given their children the Whiptide have given the product great reviews, saying that the board has allowed their child to have a lot of fun doing tricks and riding on the Whiptide with a much lower risk for injury due to falling off.

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