Wicked Big Pong - Reviews say this Kit Offers a Unique Way of Playing Pong Outdoors

Pong is one of the go to party games that a lot of people definitely enjoy. If you love to play pong and you are looking for a way to experience and enjoy the game in a truly unique manner, then Wicked Big Pong™ is the kit to get. Usually, you would use party cups and small table tennis balls to play this game. As seen on www.wickedbigpong.com, this kit however, takes the game to a whole new, bigger level. Instead of small cups, you actually get really large cups which are collapsible. This makes them very easy to bring on your outdoor trips and really easy to store as well when not in use. You also get one large, inflatable ball along with an air pump so you will have everything that you need to play this fun game with your friends. Reviews love that you can use the Wicked Big Pong on your backyard, on the beach or virtually anywhere where there is a wide and clear space for you to setup this product. This is also great for parties, family gatherings, or simply as a way for you and your friends to have fun when you are looking for something exciting and truly enjoyable to do.

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