Wiggle Tower - Reviews say this Product Will Keep Your Cat Having Fun for Hours

Do you notice that your cat gets bored on a regular basis, which results in your cat completely doing nothing or starts damaging the different objects or parts in your home? Wiggle Tower™ is the product that you will find to be very useful then. As seen on www.wiggletower.com, simply place Wiggle Tower on a flat and smooth surface near your cat and then push a button to turn the product on. The product features a small squiggle worm that moves in and out of the different openings that can be found on the Wiggle Tower. This is something that will surely catch your cat's attention, and will cause your cat to play, pounce and scratch on the Wiggle Tower for hours on end. Also, the Squiggle Worm moves in random directions which will most certainly keep your cat alert at all times while playing with the toy. Reviews also love that the Wiggle Tower features a sturdy weighted base that works in conjunction with the high quality and very durable materials that are used in its construction. With this toy, you will have a tool to keep your cat happy without having to spend direct time with your pet. Also, this tool is very durable, your cat will get years of playtime off of the product.

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