Winbot - Replace Your Window Washing Equipment with this Automatic Window Cleaning Robot

Cleaning windows can be tough and time consuming, even if you use the tried and tested traditional window cleaning equipment like rags, squeegees and other impractical to use tools. If you want clean windows, get the Winbot™ instead. It is a window cleaning and washing robot that will automatically clean your windows in just a push of a button. This amazing machine removes all the hassle and problems of cleaning windows yourself. All you need to do is switch the Winbot on, place it on the window you want to be cleaned and it does all the work for you. The Winbot can even clean your hard to reach high windows, so you do not have to risk yourself falling of the ladder while cleaning. The Winbot features a three-stage cleaning process in order to give you crystal clear and shiny windows. Its front cleaning pad contains a cleaning solution that softens dirt, then its built-in Squeegee takes away excess water and liquid from your window and the rear cleaning pad wipes the window dry for a clear and clean finish. The Winbot's cleaning pads are very easy to remove for a thorough cleaning as well. With the Win bot, you can remove window cleaning from your to do list, yet still enjoy crystal clean windows at your home.

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