Window Wonder - Easily Clean Windows in Your Home with this Product

Having a lot of windows around your home can really help make your house look better and give it an airier feel, but the problem with windows is that they can be quite difficult to clean. If you are looking for a tool that will make cleaning windows much easier to do, then the Window Wonder™ is the product to get. One of the main difficulties that a lot of people have when cleaning windows is that some are quite difficult to reach. As seen on, with the WindowWonder, this should not be a problem anymore. The product features a long handle which will allow users to easily reach tall windows without too much difficulty. The Window Wonder also features a pivoting mop head where reversible and reusable cleaning pads can be attached, and are able to effectively clean windows with just a few wipes. Along with the cleaning pad, the Window Wonder also features a squeegee which is able to effectively remove moisture from the window’s surface, resulting in truly clean windows which are also streak free. Also notable is that the Window Wonder features a built in sprayer and reservoir which you can fill with water or your choice of cleaning fluid. With all these features, the Window Wonder can really help make cleaning your windows much faster, easier and more effective to do.

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