Wipe New - The Auto Interior and Exterior Renewer Makes Your Car Look Brand New

If you have tried cleaning or polishing the plastic parts of your car, like its bumper and dash board, you know that whatever improvements you get are only temporary. The faded and tired look of old plastic never stays away, and always comes back with a vengeance. Good thing they invented Wipe New™, the amazing new cleaning and renewing solution that will have any plastic surface on your car looking brand new. Wipe New uses a nano-polymer formula that penetrates deep into the plastic and binds to the surface of your auto interior or exterior. This means it actually becomes part of the plastic, replacing the shiny outer parts that used to be there and got stripped away by time and weathering. Just a few wipes of Wipe New can do wonders for your trusty old vehicle, making it look fresh and keeping it safe and shiny for years to come. Many auto detailers are discovering the power of Wipe New, and would like to keep it a secret from you so that you keep coming to them. But today, Wipe New is available at affordable prices and comes ready to use out of the container. It is so simple and easy to use, you get yourself your very own bottle of Wipe New for your today.

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