Wisp - Innovative Design Make This the Best Sweeper or Broom You Will Find

Sweeping with a traditional broom and a dust pan is effective at cleaning up dirt and dust from floors, but takes a lot of effort to get it done, and you still have to deal with the mess of dust and dirt going all over the place as you sweep. Today however, you can sweep and clean your home a whole lot easier without the hassle or the mess with Wisp™, the revolutionary broom and dust pan system. The Wisp innovates and refines the design of the traditional broom and dust pan and will definitely change the way you sweep and clean. The Wisp sweeper features bristles that are positioned at a 90 degree angle for optimum leverage and makes it easy to get all of the dust and dirt inside the pan without the mess. The sweeper also features Bristle Seal Technology that makes perfect contact with the floor, ensuring that all dirt goes from the surface being cleaned into the pan. The Wisp Pan also has a number of design innovations. It features a patented 4-pressure point system that allows you to easily secure the pan on the floor by just using your foot. It is also designed to perfectly fit with the Wisp Sweeper for a mess free sweeping experience and for easier storage. The Wisp System is definitely the best sweeper system available on the market today.

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