Wizor - Wall Scissors for Easy Removal of Tags and Frayed Cloth

Have you ever experienced trying to forcefully remove a tag from a brand new shirt or pants, only to damage your newly bought item? Ruining something you just bought from the store is truly frustrating, but you can avoid such incidents with the Wizor™, the very easy to use and convenient wall scissors. What's great about the Wizor is its compact size. You can stick it virtually anywhere in the house: on the wall, behind your cabinet doors, inside your closet, or wherever you wish to stick it on. Whenever you need to remove a tag, all you need to do is to place the plastic wire of the tag onto the Wizor, and you can easily cut it with no effort at all. No more ruined clothing or ripped items to worry about. The Wizor's surface is smooth and with no sharp or jagged edges, ensuring that your clothing will not get snagged in it. And it just does not end with store tags; you can also use the Wizor to easily cut frayed cloth from jeans and shirts. You do not need to spend time and effort trying to look for scissors in order to cut a tag or remove frayed cloth, all you need to do is to Wizor it!

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