Wonder Vase - Have The Perfect Flexible Floral Vase For Any Arrangement of Flowers and Store It Flat When You Are Done

If you love flowers and floral arrangement, then you probably have a lot of different vases in your home. The funny part is, sometimes despite your vase collection, you can't find one that's perfect for your new flowers right? That's where the Wonder Vase™ comes in. The wonder vase is a flexible vase that will allow you to mold it to your flower needs. To use the wonder vase, all you have to do is fill it with warm water. This activates the special material of the wonder vase, allowing you to mold it to the perfect shape and size you need for the floral arrangement you have in mind. This revolutionary material of the Wonder Vase will look just like a beautiful blown glass vase that will complement your arrangement and make your home look even more beautiful. When you have the shape you want, all you have to do is run cold water over the vase and the material will set into the shape you just made. Now with just one vase, you can create thousands of different floral arrangements and always have a vase that fits it perfectly. Aside from needing less vases, even that one Wonder Vase will take up less space too, because when you are done, all you have to do is fill the wonder vase with hot water and flatten it out for storage. The Wonder Vase is truly an amazing product that every flower lover needs, get one today!

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