Wonki Wands - Does Your Child Love to Play with Bubbles? This Product Would Be Perfect for Them

If your child truly loves to play with bubbles, it is highly possible that they find the small bubble making toys to be boring and not enough. If you want to give them a bubbly and fun surprise then the Wonki Wands™ are the perfect gifts that you can give them. This amazing bubble maker allows you to create the biggest and longest bubbles that your child has seen, making for a lot of fun and laughter during play time. With the WonkiWands kit, you get the Bubble Wanda as well as a bottle of Super Giant Bubble Sauce. To create bubbles, all you need to do is to dip the Bubble Wand into the Bubble Sauce and wave just like you would a conventional bubble maker. Wonki Wands will allow you and your children to create bubble which are 4 feet wide and over 40 feet long! These enormous bubbles will surely wow your child and friends. The specially formulated Bubble Sauce is a concentrated solution that will allow you or your child to create hundreds of giant bubbles for long lasting fun. With Wonki Wands, your child's playtime with bubbles will be a lot more exciting and more memorable for sure.

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