Work Sharp ws3000 - Reviews Prove the WorkSharp ws3000 Wood Tool Sharpener Makes Sharpening Your Tools Much Easier

If you've ever worked with wood, then you know that sharp wood cutting tools make your job faster and easier because they make for cleaner cuts and give you more control for highly-detailed woodworking masterpieces. But taking the time to sharpen your chisels, plane irons, carving and lathe tools is difficult and time-consuming. That's why you need Work Sharp ws3000™ ws3000, the revolutionary wood tool sharpener that makes sharpening your woodworking tools quick and easy, every time. Work Sharp 3000 is a precision wood tool sharpener that is fast and precise. The secret to the Work Sharp ws3000 is in its revolutionary design - it features a slotted wheel so you can see your sharpening surface as you sharpen, a sharpening port that lets you sharpen the bevel from underneath and for automatic burr removal, a dry sharpening heat sink that keeps your tools cool so tempered steel isn't damaged and a fence for straight, precision-perfect grinds every time. All in one simple machine. Sharpening your wood cutting tools with Work Sharp ws3000 is easy as 1-2-3: simply insert one of three grinding wheels (rough grind, fine sharpening, superfine honing), adjust to one of four angles (20, 25, 30, or 35 degrees), and run your chisel or other cutting tool through the sharpening port too see the sharpening in action! It only takes a few times and you're done sharpening and back to work without losing any momentum. Work Sharp 3000 doesn't take time, it saves time and effort because sharp tools cut faster and easier. In fact, tools sharpened with WorkSharp ws3000 are so sharp you can cut cross-grain soft wood and even shave the hair off your arms! Just listen to the Work Sharp ws3000 reviews: "That's too easy," says one avid craftsman. "That's way too easy - the ease of which you can change disc to disc and see through the wheel so you can actually see what you're doing at the sharpening surface, that's hard to beat in my opinion." WorkSharp tools make for sharp work.

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